Fruit War

“Charge!” Declared Sour Apple Adam, as he and his crew of mean sour apples charged at the oranges ready to defend the attack. The oranges were aware of the attack and shot their seeds out like a machine gun. There were an abundance of oranges shooting which made it sound like a barrage. The seeds took down some apples but the apples continued to take down the oranges. Owen Orange, the leader of the orange clan, was struggling to penetrate with the brute force of the apple attack.
While the oranges were falling to the apples, the tomatoes and bananas were battling the lemons and pineapples. The tomatoes and bananas were circumventing the pineapples, telling they were lemons. Ben Banana, the leader of the banana clan, had knocked out the leader of the pineapples and all the other pineapples followed. The pineapples were asinine to believe the bananas and then attacked the real lemons. The tomatoes and bananas walked away, knowing that they were victorious over their battle. The oranges were fleeing behind them as the sour apples had vanquished half of the oranges.
The war had been raging for months. It was five months ago when everything was peaceful when suddenly Adam became Sour Apple Adam. The lemons and pineapples suddenly made an impetuous decision and kowtowed to their new rightful leader. The tomatoes, bananas and the oranges refused and then formed a resistance clan. The clan was sanguine that Adam would give up his penchant for power.
The healthy food that all fruits hate was vegetables. The vegetables looked mouldy and all green and repugnant. Despite in a civil war, the two fruit clans had decided to fight the vegetables together. When the resistance clan came out to fight Adam in hope that he would give up his greedy ways, they heard a distant shouting sound and green tips. Vegetables! Tom Tomato thought. The sighting of vegetables spread across the clan. Then Sour Apple Adam came.
The leader of the vegetables came up and said “Hello puny fruit resistance clan and truculent Adam. I just came to spectate your fight and once you are full of fatigue, I will obliterate you all.” Hearing those words, the pineapples and lemons suddenly jumped onto the vegetables and started a chaotic fight. There was combat from all sides. When things couldn’t get worse, the junk food clan came and then made the whole battle a free for all. The battle was in full swing and then suddenly the junk food and vegetable clans started running away because they saw the hand...
The hand grabbed Adam Apple and was yelling in horror and surprise as he was going to be eaten and swallowed to bits. Adam was inches away from the mouth and then everyone heard this sound. CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH! Adam was being bitten into pieces. Everyone yelled an almighty brouhaha because the person who caused this fight was dead. All the fruits were happy and at peace.


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