One night I woke up and it was raining and there was thunder I was really scared but not as scared because I was with my best friend Milla, I kept on saying her name to wake her up and she still didn’t wake up so I got a cup of water and spilled it on her and after five seconds she woke up with a scream. Then I said ‘Remember the plan, we were going to sneak in school’, ‘ohh yeah’, replied Milla. So then we got changed and sneakily got out of the house and drove to school! When we arrived we were excited but terrified because some dumb roomer has been spreading that if you go to school at night there are ZOMBIES, but I didn’t believe anything, well maybe a bit. We didn’t know how to get in but we found a entry from the side door where the basket court was.

When we got in we started playing board games and the best game we played was hide and seek in the DARK!!! Then my mum called and it was 1am so I didn’t know what she wanted, so I just answered, “Where are you” , “Umm we are in bed so can you stop calling us we are tried” , I replied. Then we headed to the silence lab and did some really cool experiments, then we were exhausted so we went to bed.


I woke up and we had to pack up but I couldn’t see Milla so I looked around and she was a ZOMBIE I never knew the zombie story was really, I tried to wake her up but she didn’t wake up so I had to leave her. I got my bag and left them , all of a sudden there was five zombies, I was terrified but I had to run out so I did. Then I got in the car and headed home, I silently got back in bed put my pjs on and fell asleep.

Five days later:

I woke up and I went to look for Milla but I never got the chance to find her. I went to school and she was buried in the ground with dirt then her arm came up and she screamed. Then she started crying and I ran a gave her a big hug. “I will never leave you again like that” I said. Then we came home and relaxed. After a hour or so we went to bed.


To be continued……...


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