The Super Boy!

Once upon a time there was a nice boy called Jathusan and he had a best friend called Luca. They liked super heroes so much and they love making cool super hero comics . Luca draws awesome pictures for the comics and Jathusan writes. One sunny day they had a play day and they went to the park. Then a magical wind blew on Luca and Jathusan... then they turned into super heroes! Jathusan was zap man and Luca was Muscle man also Luca and Jathusan found out that they had super powers. Jathusans super power was zaping electricity and Lucas was muscles.Luca and Jathusan were so happy that they were were super heroes. so Luca and Jathusan were walking around the street looking for someone to save.Then they saw a villan! it was evil ice king so Jathusan zapped him. The VERY END!


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