Pilots Crash

The jet black sky hovered over my head like a giant blanket. My feet pattered on the hard slimy ground. I looked up at the great big church clock - 11:58 pm. I had to hurry, if I missed it god knows what would happen, everything I had worked up for would be lost. BAM! I burst through a bulky set of doors. On the other side of the door where his family, his co-pilot Jack, lots of people from the public and journalists eager to write down every word. Also there was the worst person that Zeke could have imagined, the Supreme Court judge. The court case began.
“Order in the court” said the judge…every one fell silent. “Case 4578 of the Australian court” a barrister exclaimed in a posh voice. “Mr. Ezekiel Roufail you crashed landed your 537 Offshore whilst training for the national plane show and crashed off the coast of St Kilda Beach where paramedics brought you to hospital. You had surgery and police escorted you to court am I correct”. “Yes you are” said Zeke. “And as for you Mr. Jack Howard you were the co-pilot on the 537 Offshore but were completely unharmed by the crash despite a 13,000 meter drop, am I correct?” “Yes you are” said Zeke. “Bring fourth your first witt-” the barrister was cut off. “But mam, I hate there were no witnesses oh. “I said there were no witnesses, we landed on a deserted beach with a phone box and called 000”. “Oh well then onto charges… judge what is your final decision?” “After reviewing the results of the court I hear by sentence Mr. Ezekiel Roufail and Mr. Jack Howard to 2 years imprisonment”. BANG the hammer slammed down onto the wooden block. Everyone hurried out and we were stuffed into the back of a cab and sped off to prison.
“I can’t take it any longer I’ve lost my pilot license, haven’t seen my family in days and have to stay here in prison for 2 years. It’s all over for me”. Suddenly Jack came running at me “ZEKE”! “What” “okay I know this is going to sound crazy but remember when we were in court”. “Yeah well since there were no witnesses that means no one could prove that we did it so that means we’re out of prison”! Jack exclaimed “stop trying to cheer me up” Zeke said. “No no look I got a letter from the judge saying we’re free”. “Well lets go” we raced to the closest guard we could find and showed him the letter. He looked at it closely and ran his fingers over the signature “hmm” now you see all guards are taught the court’s signature - it’s a perfect match so you are free and you can leave. After they were pushed outside the prison and just stood there wondering what next.


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