Stella and I were home watching television. All of a sudden our mother swung the door open shouting and yelling. I calmly asked my mother what she was trying to say. She patiently said, “Two different events suddenly happened when I was at work.”
I gasped. I asked what two events were happening but our mother would rather not say until we got there. “Then we should probably get all our things and get going,” I said, running up the stairs to get my bag and small suitcase. As fast as lightning, Stella followed me to get her things.

Quickly, I packed my special teddy bear, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush and clothes including my t-shirts, some dresses, shorts and bathers. As I packed I wondered where we were going. But somehow Stella packed completely the opposite of what I packed. She had packed things like coats, long sleeved shirts and pants. I tried to tell mum but she just said we needed to go.

So, we went to the airport to get tickets for the airplane ride to somewhere special and interesting. After the plane ride mum told us where we were going to stay. “We are going to stay at grandpa and grandma’s place.” I was scared because we hadn’t visited them in a month and the last time we visited them they didn’t even talk. I thought they were up to something and plus even Stella and my mum acted like they were talking.
But I thought it was nothing so I said, “Yay!” On the way to grandpa and grandma’s place, it was very bumpy. The front door of my granny and grandpa’s house had a big ribbon that went across the door. As soon as we went in my mother put on a blind fold on me.
Oh and if you’re wondering where my father, is he is on a two-month business trip. As soon as I took off my blind fold, my granny shouted, “HAPPY 10 BIRTHDAY LILLY!” I was astonished, however I was very grateful to have a family like this then I saw my father, and my family was complete.


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