Last Breath

Emptiness. Betrayal. Loneliness. Those words clouded my mind as I slowly fell from the sky. My wings had been torn apart and my body was slowly crippling down to Earth. I watched as the sky grew bigger and bigger, the clouds growing into view, and gravity dragging me down. The best friend I once had, had betrayed me painfully. I remember the stare she gave me before I fell. It felt like a piercing arrow darting right into my chest. Before I collided into the Earth, the tips of my fingers and toes tingled as it dipped in the water. Finally, my body sunk into the oblivious sea. I began to see bubbles beginning to form and appear before my very eyes as I tried to breathe.

My body grew weaker and my bones began to wrinkle in the lost deep. I was slowly dragged down to the depths of the water like hands were gripping onto my limbs and steadily dragging me down to my death like it wanted me to have a slow, sad and painful death. The light grew further and further away forcing the dark to draw closer and closer. I knew I was going to die, but I ended up dying like this, being drowned in the world below by my best friend. How cliché. I was running out of air. My head pounded hard along with my vision slowly becoming to blur. My heart was beginning to slow down and my body fell numb.

This was it. I was going to die by the hands of my best friend. I still couldn’t believe it. Tears slowly formed in my eyes and my heart ached as it slowly began to slow down. The memories we once had were now washing away into the oblivious blue ocean. I could see my memories slowly fade away and all was gone. All but one. The one memory amongst many, was when I first met her. The day she protected me from death. I still remembered that smile she gave me on that day. It was so cheerful and joyous. So was I. I couldn’t stand but smile at the memory and tears floated up, merging into the strayed sea. The girl who saved me, killed me in the end. I guess this world that we lived in was truly twisted.

Finally. My head began to pound even harder and my heart was beginning to stop. My vision grew worse along with the light drifting away and all that surrounded me was emptiness and loneliness. To this cruel world I lived in, I found something out during this lifetime. Everything in the end was twisted. My heart stopped in an instant like an arrow had pierced right into it, tearing it apart and my head stopped pounding and felt heavy. My breath was slowly going. The light had vanished. I guess this was goodbye. I breathed in my final breath, remembering her smile once more and...


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