I am running and running. They are coming for me! I can’t believe this! Stealing money, food, clothes and UGH! What’s wrong with me! No… I have to do it for me! I’m homeless because I lost my mum… Nothing is going to stop me now! I have to do it. I run behind a rock and huff and puff quickly. They’re calling my name! I hear footsteps, coming closer and closer. I see a gun right beside me. I grab it and take a peak if they are coming near me. I saw them coming at near me. I reloaded my gun quickly and took aim. BANG! I couldn’t believe it! I shot one of them in the shoulder. I feel so invincible! I feel so powerful! I reloaded it again and shot them both in the head. They dropped the gun and fell down on the ground. I went up and looked closely. I was shocked that I actually killed them! I hid the bodies behind the bush and became a bad criminal in the end. Its decades since I hid their body. No one had found me yet *winks 2 times* (I am in the worst jail ever)
2 years later, I am still in the disgusting jail. I now regret this. I can’t believe they found me. I am still in shocked that I overheard the polices that they found 2 dead bodies in the woods! They didn’t know it was me. Here is how I got in jail for, I got blamed for not paying 10 ice creams. I am cleaning my room and heard someone voice that sound familiar! My mum found me in my jail. My mum missed me and forgive me. I got out of my room and set me free now. She paid a lot of money just to let me be free. Now I started a new life!
A year later, I am now married and have 2 wonderful children. I love my life now! I am never going to be in that disgusting jail ever again!