I’m sitting in a car that has been robbed. I have stolen a police man’s car, locked them in a shop and I’m only 12 years old. I would call myself a rebel but no one else does. They just think I’m a low life rag dag. I have been homeless since I was 10. I lost my mum at Santa Monica when I was 4 and I have been in 7 foster homes, but also, I have broken out of all of them. I went to my first foster home when I was 5.

Anyway, I’m in the car and I am checking the police stats to see where my mum lives but I can’t find anything. The police are about to break out so I better go. I have not gone to school so that makes it hard when you want to buy a loaf of bread or something. I’m in a train now and trying to run away from the police.

OUCH!!! I just got hit on the head by a random drunk man and that hurt. I have a deep concussion and I’m a bit confused by everything. What are those voices in my head? I wake up, BTW I got knocked out, so I woke up on the same train that I was on but there was no one else on it. I was a classic teenage boy and did the dumbest thing I could do and walk out of the train.

“What the hell is this dimension?” I yell out, “is this some sort of joke?” no reply.

Now I am really scared. I walk under a little bridge and I see an old man.

He says, “Luke Mille, you are the chosen one.”

He fades away. I go back on to the train. The same drunk man is there and he is still beating me up. The weird voice in my head says, “Say mask.”

I think, “Ok,” and I randomly say, “mask.”

Suddenly, all of this black wet moist stuff went all over my body. The drunk old man suddenly turns into this high tech robot thingy and everyone just runs. I guess this is like some superhero thingy.

This dude says to me, “Katana, I have been waiting to finally fight you again.”

And I say back, “Who the hell is this Katana dude?”

Suddenly, this voice comes out of me and says, “It’s me and let’s beat the hell out of this dude.”
I reply with, “Why!” and he replies with, “It’s because he’s a bad guy and that’s what we do to bad guys.”

“Well I am too wimpy and whenever I get into a fight I lose.”

“You just have to believe!”

“Oh, OK let’s go.”


“Wait what how is he dead already?”

“Well you are a super hero so it’s kinda normal. You will have to get used to this. This is only the beginning kid, only the beginning!”



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