Dame Nature

Mother’s lungs are burning black.
And her children crave constant care.
As our eyes remain glued to screens and minds lost in unrealistic dreams.
She pleads and begs for us to act.
Her simple wish is to be treated fair.
To tweak time, don’t turn around, she soon will rise from deep in the ground.

One by one her youth fall down.
Her tides of anger will drown us all.
Keep your sanity, but prepare to flee, it may just be a catastrophe.
She alone possesses the crown.
One cry, a shout, just one more call.
Mother’s maimed and mother mourns, her children die and her heart is torn.

Now is all that we have left, for time has been a victim of theft.
We have been given all the signs and now we must admit our crimes.
For how much longer must blood be spilled?
When will we realise that our Earth is being killed?