Dark Spirits

Her vibrant spirit was one of a kind, childlike excitement flowed through her mind,
She loved her joyful heart at play, always embracing what came her way,
Though she would not ever change a thing, her demons started stirring within,
Little whispers she would hear, speaking untruths into her ear,
Even though she knows it’s lies, she goes ahead, being not so wise,
She knows the after math she will face, yet the reward she dare not waste,
It feels good inside her head, the promise delivered just like they said,
Taking places she loves to be, but this happiness only lasts momentarily,
With dawn at break, a new start, the devil is back to collect his part,
With much regret she pays the price, and hands him her heart, as she cries,
The deal is done, the devil is gone,
He had the patience all along,
As he waits inside his secret cave,
He waits for the right chance to take his prey,
For them to get caught in this hideous mind game