Fairies VS Me

Fairies VS Me
On a beautiful day, I was walking in a sunny meadow when I saw a little house hung on a tree.
I peeked inside and I saw glitter. I thought I was dreaming but I was not. It looked like it was raining glitter. Suddenly, I heard a noise behind me. It was a fairy! She said “put down my house down! All the other fairies are in there! “Sorry” I said. So I put down the house and I walked away. I was thinking about what happened just then. I thought about if the little fairy would let me back for another peek. So I went back.
The fairy was not there. So I had another peek. All of a sudden a whole bunch of fairies came charging at me. I stepped back. One of the fairies almost socked me in the jaw. CRASH! She flew into a tree! Then another fairy came to me and tried to pull my hair! The rest of the fairies stayed hidden behind a wall begging me to not hit them. The fairies that I hit came up to me and one of them said “if its a fight you want then it’s a fight you will get!” So the same fairy kicked me in the knee! Ooow! I said. I tried to choke the fairy but she was too fast. Her tiny wings carried her away to her little fairy house. “Oh I will get you into fairy jail for five years!”
When the fairy was flying away she left something precious behind her. It was her fairy glitter! I thought for a moment if I could turn into a fairy myself if I sprinkle a bit of glitter on me. I tried but nothing happened. “What if I eat the glitter but if it does not work I could dye. Then a man came over and picked up some glitter and ate it! Suddenly, he grew wings, shrunk and turned into a fairy! Then I knew what to do. So I picked up some glitter and ate it. All of a sudden I turned into a fairy! I was tiny enough that I could fit inside the little house! When I went inside it felt like I was in a whole new world! I went to find the rest of the fairies. I saw a fairy behind a couch. She was shivering with fear when she saw me. SMACK! She smacked me in the cheek. Now I’ve got a big hand mark on my cheek. I try to fight her back but she is too fast. “Well at least I got to see inside I will have to go before the other fairies find me.”I muttered to myself.
So I went into the sunny meadow and on my way home I saw another fairy house. I thought it was a bit weird because it was not here on my way out. No!.... I said.
So I ran home. Fast! VROOM!


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