The Monster Runner

Bang!! Went Jake's gun as Edward goes full speed as they jump over the roadblock. Jake is kind to Edward but he was nasty to the police and Edward was a retired cop but he was Jake's best friend and he loved being a robber. Crash!! Went the car crashed into the McLaren P1 in the middle of the road. Then suddenly an enormous escape vehicle for Jake and Edward and they escape.
40 years later... On the Titanic Jake, Edward and their new friend named John is nice, sneaky and unfair. Jake locates the vault and says, "Easy as finding a cat." Then John finds the key and says "Jackpot." Meanwhile Edward is stealing the jewel and says "Bingo." After Jake says while they’re eating "John is such a pig when he eats."
22 years later... Jake is lying on the ground because a monster stabbed him and Edward in the heart. Then suddenly the big, scary alien approached closer and closer, then suddenly a man named Nick that likes aliens ran toward the alien and the alien kills Nick where he is standing. Then the alien suddenly dies of a secret force. Then suddenly John hears something and says, "It's a Tornado!"
Part 2: The Death Tornado!
Then the tornado strikes John and his dead friends. It invisibly punches and kicks John and his dead friends. Then it goes all peaceful and quiet for a second. Then it repeats this again except harder.
Then it stabs and cuts John and his dead friends again and again. Then Jake falls off the Titanic first. Then Edward falls off second. Then Nick's skeleton falls off the Titanic last and John gets knocked unconscious before the Titanic sinks and he drifts away.
Part 3: Spirit Island
John washes on to an island then suddenly John wakes up. He says "Hello" and nothing reply's back and then he says, "Is anybody there," then suddenly something replies back, then a strange voice says, "Hello explorer and welcome to Spirit Island." And John says "Who are you? Where are you and why am I here?" The strange voice says, "My name is George, I am in the forest." Then suddenly John buts in and goes after him and then George yells "Stop!!" Then he stops, then George reveals himself and says, "There is a trap down there and I don't know why I am here." Then suddenly George stabs John with a pocketknife he had in his pocket and then John shoots George and he falls to the ground and they both die on Spirit Island. THE END!!!