School Camp

“We have to get to school!” I said around a hundred times, getting my swimsuit and clothes ready for school camp with my friends. Sierra, Autumn and I got in the car so my mother, Rose could drive us to school. “Finally, we’re here” screamed Sierra who had cookie crumbs all over her. “Please don’t get it on the car seats” asked mum, while Sierra leapt out of the car throwing all the crumbs on the road. We said our goodbyes and left on the school bus to camp. “Are we there yet” Sierra kept asking what seemed like every 10 minutes. “All kids to your cabins” asked the lady that I think talked to us from thin air, uhh creepy. Lia bolted out of nowhere to say hi but nearly gave me a heart-attack, um rude. Thankfully in our cabin was Sierra, Rhyme, Autumn, Lia and me. “May I remind you people that it’s Halloween, scary stuff will happen” said Sierra, everyone just laughed, but with Lia I’m not so sure.
“Movie time!” Autumn said while we ran to the projector. The movie chosen was umm (IT the clown) and none of us like horror movies other than Sierra so I don’t think I will survive here. For some reason everyone got food and drinks but Lia grabbed nothing. “Uhh guys where is Lia?” I said while shaking. Autumn said, “Let’s go find h-her.” “Okey dokey” Sierra said while jumping up like she had all the cookies, oh wait she does have all the cookies at the camp.
We dashed to our cabin and looked around but we can’t find her “Okay let’s go” said Sierra. “Guys we may have a problem the door won’t kind of open” said Sierra. “WHAT?” I screamed trying to help. We were losing air but the taste of cookies helped. Outside I just heard a laugh that sounded familiar ‘Who is it?’ I thought in my head. “I smell smoke” said Autumn which made it harder to breath since Autumn had asthma. “Look for a trap door” Sierra said. “BINGO!” Sierra said while pointing upwards.
For some reason there was an exit. “Maybe they have it for an apocalypse, anyways give me a boost” Sierra said while we helped her climb up. “Ouch” we all said trying to help Sierra while she stepped on our faces. “Oh, by the way there is a table there you know guys” said Sierra while we were angrily looking at her. Once we all got up, we closed the exit and breathed heavily. I felt dust went everywhere I crawled “No one has been here for years” said Rhyme. We finally got down and ran to the movie where we found Lia sitting down. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!” Screamed Autumn. “Just here” said Lia. We got back to the cabin and the door was open and the table was back in its place but we didn’t care. Then Lia made a bad joke and laughed. Wait a second that laugh sounds like the same laugh from before.
The End