War And Thoughts

Excellence Award in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

A young girl brushes a sticky red substance from her check and looks up…The rain is coming…
An old man swings back and forth on a rickety rocking chair, a scowl firmly upon on his face…I’d hoped I wouldn’t live to see this
A mother clutches her babe to her stomach- watching as the clouds grow darker…Sometimes I wish I hadn’t birthed you into this cruel world
The Homeless scramble off the streets- struggling to find shelter before the storm…Please… Don’t let the red touch me!
The girl looks off into the distance, listlessly
The old man stops rocking as a single tear tracks down his wrinkled and worn face
The mother holds her babe tightly as it wails- sobs wracking her body
The homeless huddle together closely as they watch the sky with wide eyes
Everyone holds their breath, as one drop became two, and two becomes three- the tempo quickens and before long the world has been…