Daring Dream

Glowing willows sway mystically, dancing in glorious harmony,
Colours clash, glistening gems grow, riches razzle recklessly,
Sorcery chase around cheekily, like energetic chattering spirits,
Flames float furiously and brightly like lightbulbs in the air.
The cocoa rich soil, fresh and spongey, silky smooth like velvet,
Calming gushes of the clear, running glass stream down the hill,
Torpedos shoot like rockets to and fro in the sparkling river down below,
Fluffy beds of damp moss quilt the mirrored stones around the forest.
Leaping magical creatures lurk the forest gleefully, chanting joy,
They trot on fallen paper that hurdle into a crease and sap with grease,
A ring of infinite flourish, dimensions new and old clashes to merge,
Flowers bloom, every petal a beaut, refreshing green glows and water flows.
But slowly the glitter fades, the diamonds fall, light is out of sight,
Spiritual animals scuttle and hide, roots sink, gleaming rivers drained by a plug,
Stones’ sparkles die, fauna disappears and my dreams disperse into dust,
Reality returns unwelcomely; slowly, I return to the empty streets. Alone.


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