Sailor Guardians

Once there was a girl her name was Usagi she has 4 friends Usagi and her friends are sailor guardians!. Usagi is Sailor moon she uses a special brooch to transform her transformation phrase is “MOON CRYSTAL POWER MAKE UP!”., Omi Mizuno, the kind-hearted genius is Sailor mercury Omi Mizuno/sailor mercury’s phrase to transform is “MERCURY PLANET POWER MAKE UP!., Minako Aino once know as the crime fighter sailor v is Sailor Venus her phrase to transform is “VENUS PLANET POWER MAKE UP!”., Ray Hino the hot-headed sidekick is Sailor mars Her transformation phrase is “MARS PLANET POWER MAKE UP”., Makoto Kino the master of cooking and cleaning is Sailor Jupiter her transformation phrase is “JUPITER PLANET POWER MAKE UP!”.These Guardians Work together to protect earth!

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