Sailing Through Life

Excellence Award in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

White sails swaying in the zephyr on the sea,
Fluttering, waving, nothing to foresee.
Grey mist settles in, veiling the white sails,
Stirring, quivering, no, it’s not too frail.
Cerulean ringlets and startled waves, splashing the hull,
Travelling, journeying, it’ll never be too dull.
Charcoal blanket enshrouds the ocean, blinding the sails,
Shuddering, probing, wait… Where is the trail?
Onyx clouds rumble ominously, pouring out shards, sheathing the sails in frost,
Sobbing, heaving, the sails twist, turn, topple. Lost.
Neon green sparkles illuminate the sea – cascading waves of bioluminescence,
Wondering, marvelling, the sails drift, following the evanescing iridescence.
Powder blue calm sprinkles over the sails, bringing a newfound direction,
Contemplating, pondering, indulging in retrospection.
Tarnished grey sails gliding in the zephyr on the sea,
Envisaging, imagining, life’s no longer what it used to be.