Back In Time

BRIIINNGG!! The school bell went for the end of the day, and all the kids were rushing to their lockers to get their bags. One of those kids was Emeline. Emeline opened her locker, a bright yellow light shone into her amazed blue eyes. As the light went out Emeline saw a ginormous red button that said, if you press this button you will get a real life baby unicorn. Now Emeline loved unicorns so she pressed the ginormous red button, but nothing happened for a few minutes.
Suddenly Emeline could feel herself, lifting up into the air. She decided to grab one thing which was Puffin The Great, suddenly organs sounded out in the distance, all the lights went out except for two spotlights on… Puffin The Great!
Suddenly, everything went cold, and Emeline was slammed to the ground with a bang.
Emeline slowly opened her eyes and saw Puffin whirling and whirling around in circles of dust and roots that were dug up from the ground. Emeline squinted through all the dust and saw what looked like a plane soaring down into a shack like shed. Emeline asked herself, “where am I?”
Something or someone tapped her on the shoulder. Emeline turned her head around and saw a baby. The baby also had a monocle and a very cute red ball gown. The baby said in a posh voice, “Hi there dear girl. I’m Booboo the poshest two year old baby in the world, just saying you are in 1939 on the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s runway. Here I’ll pull you up with super strength.”
Booboo tugged and pulled and pulled and tugged but nothing happened until, CREEAAKK! The sound of bending metal could be heard above Emeline’s head. Emeline groaned, ”I think I’m stuck under a plane.”
Booboo replied, “I’ll go get one of my very new friends that was blown down from a big ginormous whirly whirly.”
“Ok.” Emeline said.
Emeline was still stuck under the place and finally she saw Booboo walking towards her with someone or something with her, it was Puffin The Great!
As Puffin got closer Emeline realised that Puffin was holding something in both of her hands, in one was a hammer and in the other a ginormous red button that was from the back of Emeline’s locker. Emeline reached out to hug Puffin, but as she put her arm out something cut into her arm. It was a really, really sharp rock. Emeline screamed “AAAAHHHHHHH!!! IT HURTS BADLY.”
Puffin quickly wrapped Emeline’s arm up with sticky tape from around the end of the hammer and then started hammering away at the metal. A scream came from behind them, it was Booboo! This is what Booboo screamed. “Wait stop, that’s my place that Emeline’s stuck under.”
Puffin stopped hammering away and quickly told Emeline to press the ginormous red button. Emeline pressed the button and got whizzed back to the year 2020.