Dancing Moon Rays

Silver Moon rays danced on the inky river surface, reflecting the stars,
As I pad past, silent as the shadows that engulfed me,
Pausing, I scented the crisp, midnight air,
The gamy scent of hare filled my senses, alerting me of his closeness,
I freeze, hackles raising, heart pounding,
Silver Moon rays illuminated the wary hare’s approach,
To the wolf, the silent hunter in the shadows,
Muscles clenched, I lower to the grassy ground underneath,
And with the ease of a panther, I pounced,
No chance for the hare to escape,
Not one,
As my pearly white fangs sink into hot flesh,
My iron grip is too much, as the hare stills in my jaw,
His hot, crimson blood wets my muzzle, cascading to the ground below,
As I ghost past those dancing moon rays on that inky river surface.
All is still, all is quiet, as the moon rays dance on that inky river surface.


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