Failed Experiment

“Alert this is not a drill, this is an emergency lockdown. Everyone be careful, subject 137 is on the loose. I repeat Subject 137 is on the loo…”. The speaker cut out, then followed by a blood curdling scream. I used my demonic powers to teleport outside, a power in which I was given, during the experiment. I teleported outside, squinting my eyes as the ray of sunshine was so bright it hurt. I put on a hoodie that I found in the lab and started to wonder throughout the forest. Suddenly I found an old cottage hidden behind trees and bushes, barely visible. I knocked on the door gently, a man opened it, but he was different he was not human. I was not sure if he was even a man (human being). The creature slammed the door in my face. “please help me” I took my hood off and revealed my tail and horns. The creature said cautiously “I’ll help you, only if you can answer this one question?” I replied, “anything”. I continued to ask the creature questions as I was curious. Creature asked me where do you came from, as he opened the door slightly. “I, I’m not sure, I came from some sort of laboratory”. Saying this I raised my hood upon my head, so that creature could take a better look at my face. I was worried that creature may not believe me what I had to say, I am worried he would not help me if I told him. I got the courage to tell creature where I came from and what had happened to me, that I came from the laboratory, and that I was being experimented on. “hm alright then come on in” the creature opened the door gesturing to come using his hand to wave me in. I entered through the door scared and worried, wrapping myself in my jumper again. Creature mentioned in a soft husky voice that It had not been long probably an hour since someone was banging on the door. Creature continued to talk “I believe they were looking for you”. “Hide quickly”. Creature pushed me, trying to get me to hide. “Where should I hide”, I said looking around the cottage. “Tariana come here” the creature was looking over my shoulder, I turn around to see a girl standing nearby. “What is it papa” she tilted her head. “Quickly take this man, so you can hide him. He came from the lab, we need to protect him, also hide your ears and tail Tariana”. She grabbed my arm dragging me around the house taking me to a hiding place until we came to a halt. “hide in there”, she pointed at a basement type thing. I cautiously lent over to open the rusty metal door. I started climbing down the stairs, as I was going down Tariana softly spoke. Just down their you need to grab that blanket that you see in front of you. “Stay quiet and hide under the blanket, don’t move until my dad and I tell you too”. Tariana closed the big rusty metal trap door behind me. I ran to the blanket and hid underneath, hugging my knees to my chest. Suddenly I heard a different deep loud voice bellowing upstairs in a strange muffled sound. The voice sounded familiar, “Oi check down there”. The Voices continued “the doctor needs the thing alive”. Suddenly someone opened the trapdoor, there was a hole in the blanket I was under and I looked through it to see someone that looked like one of the Doctors secret agents, the ones from the lab, the ones who helped the doc with the experiment’s. One of the agents got closer and closer until. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I yelled and yelled, “they found me, help, help”! I was taken to a van that had tinted windows; I was chained so I could not leave. One of the agents lent over to inject me with some green serum. I fell into a deep sleep, never to be seen again.

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