Eve swayed joyously to the natural song of the ever-living forest. Her porcelain feet danced over silent seas of grass as the delicate folds of her dress cascaded around her. Every twirl accentuated not only the beauty of her dress but the beauty of Eve herself. She was as beautiful as a rose but had the power of an ever-growing tornado cooped up under layers of kindness and fairness. The whole forest seemed to come alive as soon as she lay a delicate foot on the first soft layer of pine needles. Foxes, birds and deer stopped in the midst of their doings and watched as this red headed girl flounced happily through the trees. She was as carefree as only a very young child can be, absolutely and wonderfully ignorant to the problems that life beholds. This forest and these animals were her willing protectors from the outside world. As ready to defend her from her woes as if it was what they were born to do. Of course, it was their duty from the beginning of time to defend those of young hearts and innocent minds. For they had lay witness to the destruction and pain that humanity causes. They had lost most dear loved ones to those horrendous creatures that lay waste to what was once a most wonderous world. And for that, they were not ready, nor would ever be, to lose Eve to the cruel clutches of mankind. They needed her as much as she needed them. For she may not have known it yet, but the forest was where she belonged among her furry friends and family. Although Eve was as sweet as honey suckle, her truest friends knew that what lay inside of her was as dark as a stormy night. And once the doorway had been opened to that darkness, there was no going back. So they kept her among the dewy embraces of the forests willow trees with careful ease. But they knew that one day, bulldozers would tear down her home and take them with it. As she would be dragged into the chaotic lands where the world, that they had so carefully built for her would collapse around her as if her true home had never really existed.


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