Harry The Hero

Harry the Hero
In Queens, New York lived an adventurous brown-haired chubby boy named Harry.
This is the story of how Harry saved his parents from thugs.
It was a stormy morning and the rain was falling hard. Harry had just woken up. He quickly ran downstairs to have some breakfast as he did every morning. Harry was always hungry. He was halfway through his cereal when he wondered where his parents were. He glanced over at the clock on the wall. It read 6:45.
“Mum? Dad? Are you here?” shouted Harry. No one replied. “Ahhh, that’s weird” he said to himself in an anxious voice.
Ding Dong! The doorbell echoed through the apartment. Harry reluctantly walked over to the expensive thick brown door. He cautiously opened the door and there at his feet was a letter with a red stamp on it. Harry curiously opened the letter. Inside was a big map explaining where his parents were. Harry thought to himself “In a giant city like this, I have to find my parents?”
Harry grabbed his coat and headed out the door. He walked briskly down the road. The sun had barely started to rise. Harry looked up and to his shock the streetlights were flickering and shooting sparks of light. Harry started to run. He picked up speed and felt like a roadrunner. He thought to himself “Oh man, why did this have to happen to me?”
Harry was feeling puffed and he began to slow down. While trying to catch his breath he glanced down at his arm. Goosebumps ran the whole way down to his hand. He took out the map and could see that he was almost there. All he had to do was go down this long dark alley filled with rats scratching around the dumpsters looking for their next meal.
Harry’s unbrushed brown hair fell over his pale white face. He was shivering as though a bolt of lightning ran through his body. Harry really did not want to go down the alley. But what choice did he have? He thought hard and decided that a small boy like him was no match for whatever might be lurking in that alley, so he decided to call the cops.
He waited nervously for half an hour before he heard the siren echoing through the empty streets. The cops had finally arrived.
Harry told them everything that had happened from the moment he realised his parents were missing. The two strong muscular officers took out their pistols from their holsters. They told Harry to wait in their vehicle while they took care of it.
The police officers ran down into the dark alley. BANG! BANG! Gunshots resonated through the city. Harry could see the cops in the distance. They had the thugs! Their hands cuffed behind their back and their heads bowed down as though they were being taken to be hanged. Harry’s eyes widened as he saw his parents just behind them. They were alive! He opened the car door and ran as fast as he could, past the police officers and straight into his parent’s arms for the biggest most warm bear hug he had ever given. “Mum! Dad! I thought I’d never see you again!”
After that, the police officers took Harry and his parent home in the police car. Harry’s parents could not be prouder of him.
As they got home, they turned on the television. The news was on and there on the screen were all their faces. Across the screen read “Local boy Harry Johnson saves his parents from dangerous thugs”. The reporter explained that the thugs had been on the loose for almost 5 years, terrorising innocent people. She went on to say that Harry will be rewarded $500000 for finding them and leading them to their capture. Harry stared hard at the screen in disbelief. A massive smile came across his face. He never thought in a million years that anything like this could happen to an ordinary boy like him.


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