My Story By Jaella Lynam

This story is about my Nan, Faye Lynam but some of you may know her as Aunty Faye. I am writing about how her life began as she remembers.

Wally, he was the mascot for Nathalia football club had a lot of good friends in Nathalia through the football club we used to love every Saturday because it was football and we would generally stay at our mate’s places We used to spend weekends out at grandma and grandpas who lived on Newman’s property we called it gundridge as your coming into the property you would go over the levy bank and about four miles into the river where the property was grandfather worked on the p and grandma cleaned the main house and done the washing I don’t know what time of year it was because if we didn’t get out of there when it flooded we would have to stay there. So dad built a boat out of a sheet of tin and put clay on each end so the water couldn’t get in he put a rope on the front of it and dragged wally and me around through the floodwaters in the forest looking for ducks and duck eggs, fish, and swan eggs. My nan loved collecting things she was really amazing happy getting all the essentials she and her family needed my nan has had a rough past time because she was a foster and then she fostered a lot of kids. My Nan understands the aboriginal language and how it all works my nan is an aboriginal elder and she is really wise and she won’t give up on a few things my nan is the best shes there for me when I need her. My nan does welcome to country all around victoria