Oh Sweet Holiday

Excellence Award in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

Excited, full of joy.
Everything was over, I was ready to do as I please.
Reading, sports, drawing, games, I did all with such ease.
Everything was silent, no more drama, no more blame.
My holiday was neither terrible or lame.
All at once, it changed.
The events of daily life were creeping closer.
My time left was valuable and precious.
I try to fit in as much fun as possible.
Alas, normal life kidnaps me and takes me back to reality.
An unexpected twist of fate.
An alternate existence of longing to go someplace else.
Relaxation, where have you gone?
Peace and quiet, why have you deserted me?
No more joy, no more lazy hours.
Goodbye, oh sweet, sweet holiday, I assure you, I shall return.