Dallas the doll

Dallas was a beautiful doll, a stunning sight to see,
Her silky, blonde hair, her big blue eyes, and clothes that were fit for a queen.
Dallas knew how good she looked, and didn’t keep it in,
She would brag and boast about everything, her hair, her nose, and her chin.

The other toys still envied her, although they also loathed her,
They hated the way she called them names, and always pushed them over.
But little Beth, who owned the toys, loved Dallas more than life,
If the other toys had removed her, they would be in awful strife.

One morning in the young girl’s room, whilst Dallas was praising the mirror,
The door swung open with a mighty crash, to reveal a face of terror.
The vicious hound had been bought last year, and was eyeing Dallas with a grin,
He picked her up with his slobbery mouth, and dropped her in the bin.

The other toys gasped, as they heard the engine, belonging to the garbage truck,
They watched with horror, as Dallas was taken and dumped with the other muck.
The vehicle drove with screeching tyres, into the pouring rain,
And as for Dallas, the unlucky doll, she was never to be seen again.