Fairy Floss

We have been told not to eat fairy floss because it is only sugar and food colouring. But they are not the only ingredients. Fairy floss has a history of being sold at carnivals but the ingredients are also picked up there. After you find out what fairy floss is made of you may never want to eat fairy floss again.
A young girl skipping around the Melbourne Show called Lucy was about to go and buy herself some fairy floss. Lucy was completely oblivious (just like everyone else) about what the fairy floss really was.
Lucy was standing at the end of the long queue for fairy floss when a man walked up to her.
‘Would you like to skip the queue, I will allow you just this once because you look like a very sweet, little girl,’ the man laughed suspiciously.
She didn’t even think twice about it. She followed the stranger into the van where the fairy floss was sold. The floor of the van looked like it was covered in dry blood but Lucy just thought that it was old fairy floss.
The van had multiple rooms, one room was clean and had one couch and one bed in it with a small dining table. The next room had a cash register and a window which had hundreds of people lined up outside of it. The final room had the door closed and locked.
Something suddenly grabbed Lucy’s arm. Lucy’s head spun around and she saw the man smiling. Panic started to set in. Thoughts were running around like a deer being chased by wolves. She wanted to run away. What was this man going to do to her will she see her parents again.
The door was unlocked to the unknown room. The room was a dirty browny-red colour the colour of blood. Everything was that colour the walls, the floor and even the man’s shoes were that colour. Lucy was now wondering how she did not realize this sooner.
There was a machine in the middle of the room. It looked like a fairy floss machine except it had sharp blades and bones in the bottom of the machine. A pool of what looked like blood was in one container connected to the machine and in another was what looked like chopped muscle and skin.
The man grabbed Lucy and dragged her towards the machine she started to try to run and scream as loud as possible. The man kept pulling her towards the machine. Once he was close enough to the machine he turned it on and threw Lucy into the machine. She Let out one last scream before she was turned into fairy floss.
Next time you go to buy fairy floss think twice because fairy floss is not as innocent as you think. Fairy floss has no sugar or food dye. So what may have been your favourite treat should now make you vomit.


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