Roger Baytor

Roger Baytor was four years old when he discovered that he had superpowers. Roger was born on the 29th of February 3332. He was found near Stephenson beach, where a group of scientists was celebrating Professor Xavier’s 30th birthday, even though it was two days late. They were having no worries when something shoots out from the sky like a shooting star in the night sky, accept this was at daytime.

For a moment no one move an inch, they just stared at the giant hole in front of them, terrified to see what would happen next because before any of them realised what happened, professor Mavis accidentally dropped an unknown liquid on the thing that just shoot out of nowhere. Auntie Clair gathered all of her courage and walked next to the giant hole that sat far below her feet, that’s when she realised, the thing wasn’t a thing at all, it was a sleeping baby boy, unfortunately the baby boy was soaked from head to toe with the unknown chemical. As soon as Clair realised that it was baby, she quickly carries the baby to the lab for some experiment just to make sure that nothing bad happened to the baby and that the baby is alive. When they arrived Professor Fang realises that someone must take care of the baby and name him. Luckily Professor Verton nominated himself faster than you could say she sells seashells by the seashore. After a long discussion they all agreed that professor Verton will take care of the baby boy like his own son and give him everything he needs. Everyone started to shout random names because since they must name the boy, they have to give suggestions to what the boy might be called, they might as well shout random names. At the end, after a noisy fight, they finally decided the boy will be called Roger Baytor.

After a two years and nine months of restless search as to what happened to Roger when professor Mavis dropped the dangerous unknown chemical, they finally found their long-lost answers to their question. Mysterious things had been happening to Roger’s body. It turns out that the untested chemical gave him superpowers, which makes Roger a super human because he has superpowers. There was just one thing that the scientists didn’t know, because they discovered that the mysterious liquid gave human superpowers, what was Rogers powers? The group guessed Roger had powers because his DNA was different, which proves that he came from another planet in the universe.

Having superpowers was tough because everyday Rogers powers began getting stronger and stronger, that made it hard to control his own powers since he doesn’t know how to and the fact that no one in Planet Pelone can help him. Rogers half parents are Victor Verton and Layla Lavercor. He was also home schooled by his half mum, that made it very lonely.