Hope In Time

'Today we are learning maths,’ Miss Jones exclaimed to the class. Sophie and Pippa glanced sideways at each other, as Mrs Jones turned her back. They crept to the back of the room, while the class paid close attention to the teacher.
The sound of the teacher's voice slowly faded, as the girls exited the classroom and out to the playground. Pippa clutched her camera, whilst Sophie starred at her analogue watch secured around her wrist. They had a mischievous plan.

Their best friend Lucy had been missing. The police recorded, they were searching but Sophie didn’t have much hope.

When the two friends were out of sight from class. Sophie unlocked the strap on her analogue watch. Out floated a small piece of paper with WARNING! written in bold letters. Sophie skimmed through the content. It read, ‘you only have an hour to go back in time, by winding back the watch once. If you do not come back in time you will be forever stuck.’ Pippa was horrified at the thought of being stuck, but Sophie reassured her to go. The watch was wound back once. Bright colours filled their heads and they found themselves back in time.

The girls scurried from different buildings, streets and hid in alleyways. They finally found Lucy, clasped by a man dressed in black. Lucy tried to run, but he wouldn’t let go. She was crying in pain. As Pippa tried to take snapshots as evidence. Sophie came tumbling after her. They collapsed on the ground making a thump. Their heart pounded. Pippa peeped from behind the tree and saw the kidnapper, staring with his evil and suspicious eyes.

Ten minutes passed and Sophie and Pippa drew their eyes to him, they followed, taking photos. The man entered a dilapidated house still holding Lucy tightly. ‘Tick, tick, tick,’ Sophie suddenly remembered. The watch. She hoped the time limit hadn’t run out. She took a glance. 5 minutes left. Her heart thumped heavily.

The wind howled and they settled near the entrance. It would soon be too late. The two friends huddled together. When Sophie noticed a slick, silver knife, she made a run for it. Pippa crouched down, shivering with fright. Sophie snatched the knife holding it in a secure grip. The man strolled outside gripping Lucy ready for the big attack. He was about to grab the knife when he realised it was missing. He turned the corner and searched, to take a closer look, but accidentally released his grip on Lucy. She sprinted for her life.

Sophie glanced at her watch. 30 seconds! Sophie grabbed Lucy's and Pippa’s hands as they turned the corner. They just bet the time as the last seconds ticked by. Sun blinded their eyes, illuminating the playground. They were about to relax when they realised, it was not over yet, they had to show the evidence. To capture the kidnapper.