Corny's Adventure

One day Corny the coronavirus and her family went to the human body. They saw a person with no face mask, so they went in. But when Corny entered the mouth she was scared because there were lots of angry bacteria, so her mum took her to see the animal’s body.

First her mum took her to the pig body. They went through the snout and stayed there for a while to look at the top of its snout. Then the pig breathed out and they got pushed out of the snout and then the wind pushed them to the ear of the pig. Then Corny met another virus. Corny tried to make friends with the virus. The virus asked “What is your name?”
“I am Corny and this is my mum, what is your name?” asked Corny
“I am Isabella and nice to meet you.” answered Isabella, “Where should we go next?”
“How about the chickens?” answered Corny.
“Okay,” said Isabella.

So they went into the beak of the chicken and the comb of the chicken to look at the weird things in it. They saw another virus there. When they finished exploring the comb they went to see the wings and the tail. After that, they went back to the virus to say hello.
“Hello, what is your name?” asked Corny.
“I am Covy and nice to met you, What is your name?” asked Covy, the virus.
“I am Corny and this is my friend Isabella,” answered Corny.
“Whose mum is that?” questioned Covy.
“That is Corny’s mum” answered Isabella. “Okay”, said Covy, “Where should we go next?”
“How about the cows?” said Isabella
“Okay” said Corny and Covy,” let’s go.”

They went into the cow and started exploring. When they reached the hoof, they looked at the things in it. Then Corny accidently bumped into a bacteria.
They saw two bacteria and made friends with the two bacteria.
One was a mum another was a child.
Covy asked “What is your name?”
“I am Dasher and this is my mum. What is your name?” said Dasher.
“I am Covy and this is Corny and Isabella”.
“Who is the mum?” said Dasher.
“She is Corny’s mum.” said Isabella.
“Okay,” said Dasher, “Where should we go next?”
“How about the human mouth and see my family?” said Corny.
“Okay I will love to see your family” said Dasher.
“Let’s go”, said Corny.

When they reached there Corny shouted to her family “COME HERE!” Then Corny‘s family came.
Corny told her family that she met new friends.
Then her family asked, “What are their names?”
Corny said “This is Isabella, that is Covy and he is Dasher”.
“Okay” said her family then Corny felt a brave to go in the mouth so they went in and they lived happily there ever after.