Into Outer Space

“Annie, Annie wake up,” Joshua said,
“what do you want Joshua,” I said,
“Sorry for waking you up,” he said “but you might wanna look up ,”
“J- J-Joshua what is that,”
“ I believe that is a UFO,”
“Joshua pinch me... ow that hurts,”
“You told me to pinch you,”
“Oh yeah sorry,”
I walked under the blue light that's shining under the lime green UFO, my strawberry blond hair lifted over my head, and I slowly rose up into the sky.
“Joshua help me,” I yelled, Joshua jumped and grabbed hold of my foot, but to our despair we were both sucked up into the UFO.
“Joshua wake up where are we,” I whispered while frantically shaking him to wake up, after a few minutes that seemed like hours he finally woke up, but the bad part was he screamed so loud that this slimy green martian looking thing game slithering over too us, the martian stared at us with a look of disgust wide across his face and then the martians
“Purple-Jim-Bob they have woken up, and there super ugly,”
“That's offensive I happen to be the most adored boy at school,”
“Joshua you know that’s not true, your the third most adored boy behind Griffin Smith and Cohen Davis” And on that note a purple martian came around the corner in who I assumed was Purple-Jim-Bob, he slithered next to the Green Martian who we still didn’t know the name of and whispered something into Purple-Jim-Bob’s ear.
“ What do you want from us,” I screeched,
“ I want you to tell us where the president of the united states live,” bellowed the Green Martian
“ Jimmy-Joe-Bob why don’t you just tell them that we come from Bobliville,” Purple-Jim-Bob said sarcastically
“ PJB you just told told them where we’re from, your so dumb, didn’t you get 97% in you MLE ( Martian Life Exam),”
“ NO that was Peter-Pip-Bob,”
“Oh then what did …”
“ STOP why do you want to know where the president lives,” I yelled
“ We want to offer a peace offering,” JJB he said
“ I thought we were going to ea…,” said PJB but wasn’t able to finish because JJB covered his mouth with his tentacle,
“ Just tell us where the president lives,” JJB said
“ NO we will never tell you,” Joshua said he was clearly scared because that was the first time he had talked in a while.
“ Will you tell the camera?” PJB said
“What camera, I replied, while pulling a camera out from behind a pot plant and taking off his head which happened to be a mask. I was shocked!
“ You have been pranked by Johnny Jones and Bobby Mcgill,”
“ Wait what how did my hair lift up, and how did I get sucked up,”
“I happened to put a harness around you, you didn’t notice, and your hair lifted up because of static electricity and Johnny an Bobby were just wearing costumes,” said Joshua.
“I can’t believe you Joshua, i’m gonna kill you ,” I yelled