2005 Zombie Apocalypse

The year was 2005 and a kid called Brock Smith was 30. He took his best friend with called Jake, they went on a quest in a Triton, but they took a wrong turn and ended up in a zombie apocalypse. Luckily they brought blasters with them but more came and came, there was thousands. "Fall back, get in the car", said Brock. The car would not start, so they had to keep fighting. Then Rhylee, Dean and Cameron came along and helped kill all the zombies, but more came again. Luckily Harry appeared and was able to help us.
When it was 2010, it happened again. The zombies returned. "Here we go again", said Jake. This time we all ran and hopped on a boat. We sailed to a deserted island and started to make a fort, so we would be safe from further zombie attacks.
Years past and we decided to return home. When we got home, we had seen that the zombies had taken over the world and that they were using humans as their slaves. "Hide, zombies are coming", said Jake.
We had decided that we would take back our home but in order to do that, we would have to use the ambush attack. But then we realised that there was at 1000+ zombies. So we called backup and they sent Jacinta, Kiera, Kyle, Josey, Natalie and Liam to help.
Together we defeated the zombies.
2020, present time. We have created a bigger, better and friendlier community. Oh and the town has built a statue of Jake, Rhylee, Dean, Cameron, Harry, Jacinta, Kiera, Kyle, Josey, Natalie, Liam and myself. We are now known as hero's and protect the city together, everyday.