Never Chosen

There I was, sitting there waiting anxiously to see if I was going to get chosen. You see I am an orphan, and according to what I’ve been told by other people I am quite bright for my age. Some word it a little differently, along the lines of cheeky, but there have definitely been some people that see potential in me. Well, obviously not enough to get picked.

As these thoughts were flying through my mind I saw her. She was walking past. A single mother named Edith that was looking to adopt a young girl. She had long, rich, brown hair with streaks of burgundy and a pale white complexion. She walked past me whilst giving me a little smirk, and for the first time in 11 years, I had some hope of getting chosen. I never had a mother like figure in my life. Didn’t ever have someone to hug me and tell me everything’s alright. The orphanage wasn’t really like that. It was more bland and emotionless. I had never really experienced a place much more than that which made it seem like it was normal.

At the end of the day they announced who would be picked. I could feel the tension in the air slowly creeping by. The suspense of who would get chosen felt like a weight on everyone’s shoulders. Finally, it was announced. “Good job everyone on being the best person that you could and if you don’t get selected today I’m sure you’ll get chosen next time” I could tell everyone just wanted to know who it was. She continued “ and so the lucky child that Edith will be taking home is…”