When They Went There, The Fridge Was Bare - COVID-19

Well! Well! Well! what would you expect living with five hungry monsters during quarantine days such as this, COVID-19. I remember those days when I only saw mother opening my door for breakfast, lunch and then dinner. Oh! they were the days that I miss most. The time when I would see food inside for many days, I would see them go and come back again. These days I see food come and go in the blink of an eye. What has happened to this world? Everything is going out so fast it’s just becoming a blur to me.

It was only a few days ago that I had the pleasure in having Mr and Mrs Chocolate Mousse and their children in one of my shelves, Mr Mudcake from the Cheesecake Shop was also nearby. It must have been someone’s special day. I had a long talks with both Mr and Mrs Chocolate Mousse and Mr Mudcake. It certainly was a nice change to have someone stick around for a while. But after four hours the little monsters came to take Mr and Mrs Mouse and Mr Mudcake, I was hoping to see them again soon. All I heard was singing “Happy Birthday” to the oldest monster. Little did I know that I would only see crumbs of Mr Mudcake when he returned and half of Mr and Mrs Mouses children.

I have now been re-stocked again, there is a lot of chatter but I noticed a friend that I have not seen for a long time, Mrs banana and her children had come to visit. It seemed like they were only there for a moment when a little monster heard that the banana family had arrived. The little monster rushed in and opened my door and took Mrs banana and two of her children from one of my draws. A moment later the same little monster came back and took more of Mrs Bananas children. I thought that this monster was a monkey, he just keep eating Mrs Banana’s children. I never saw Mrs Banana and her children again. It was a very sad day for me and everyone inside because we didn’t know who would take care of Mrs Banana’s other children. I certainly could not because I am to Busy keeping everything cool so I asked if anyone else would look after them, but everyone was too busy looking after their own children.

I just heard that it will be monster Mother’s Day tomorrow and the first thing that came to mind was yipee! Will those little monsters be gone for the day…..maybe the will visit granny monster or what is going to happen, will the monsters take everyone before they go! I don’t want to be lonely again like I usually am in these COVID days. These monster need to go back to school soon otherwise they will drive me too tears if they stay any longer. Nobody likes to see me cry, that’s real messy.