My Pet Crocodile

I always dreamt of having a new pet... I wanted something cool, something different, something nobody else had. That is when l decided a Crocodile would be perfect for me! I told Mum my great idea, she said no. That is when l realized we were going to the zoo tomorrow!

We woke up and at 10:00 we went to the zoo. l saw a huge Crocodile. He would make a great pet! l snuck him into the boot of the car and then we drove back home. I decided to name him George. I ended up putting him in our pool because crocodiles need water. That’s when mum said, "I'm just taking a dip in the pool Zoe". Oh no! I am going to be in BIG trouble. l needed to stop her. "MUM I DROPPED MY PHONE IN THE TOILET!!!" I yelled. "YOU DID WHAT?!" said mum with a red face. Mum gave me the mum talk. "Do you know how expensive that was? I paid so much money for that". Then she gave me the Mum look. I said to her "can you help me get it out?" Mum gave me a rubber glove then walked to her bed. For now she has not seen George. I take the wet dripping object out of the toilet and put it in rice for the night.

"Zoe! Time for school" Mum yells. "Yes mum, I am just packing my backpack!"
"Zoe why are you putting raw meat into the pool?" Mum asked curiously. "Umm.... I have a pet crocodile."
"YOU WHAT!?!?" Mum told Dad to get it out, but all Dad did was call pest control. The pest man ran away as soon as he saw my pet. Apparently, reptiles are not a pest...

That afternoon the zoo keeper came around to take George back to the zoo. I got a bit upset. When I say that, I mean I had a bit of a meltdown.
I had a lay down in my bed to calm down. All of a sudden I hear a snap... I look up and there is a baby crocodile laying on my shelf. Turns out that George was a girl after all....