My Holiday/ Birthday

One day I woke up out of my holiday bed and Mum, Dad and my brother Dally said HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brandi and I said thank you so much. Mum said we only got you a couple of things because we are going to Sea World for your birthday. So after I opened my presents mum and dad said get dressed and get ready for Sea World.

It was an hour later and we were officially at SeaWorld. Dad and I went on this massive water roller coaster and it was so much fun because at the very end it went straight down like we were about to fall out and splashed us with water. We got soaking wet, lucky it was a stinking hot day. It was so good that we went three more times after that. After we went on the water roller coaster ride we went to have something to eat to fill our belly's up. After that we went on lots more rides and went to the dolphin show where we saw dolphins do lots of amazing and interesting tricks like front flips, back flips twists in the air, catching balls on there noses and jumping over different objects.

We also went to watch a seal show where it was like a play. The seals name was Tony Baloney and he did lots of amazing tricks and stunts that had the audience on there feet with excitement and amazed at how well trained the seal was. At the end of the day we went back to the Sea World Resort where we were staying. We went down to the pool to cool off, get drinks and dinner delivered to us while we were swimming by the pool. When we came back to the hotel room my brother Dally and I were playing around before we had a bath. When we had our bath we took photos to send to our family. We woke up that morning and before we went back to our other holiday we went to the all you can eat buffet. We had lots of food and drinks. I had pancakes and boy they were good.