Halloween Duel

On the night of Halloween, the monsters lurk in their haunted house, patiently waiting for their next victim.
"Now?" Asked Werewolf.
"No," Said Dracula.
"Now?" Asked Werewolf.
"No!" Said Dracula, a hint of anger in his voice. There was silence...
"Now?" Asked Werewolf.
"NO!" Shouted an angered Dracula.
Just as he shouted, there was a knock on the door. A smirk spread on Drac's face. He slowly stepped down the stairs, each one creaking with every step. The door opened...
"Trick or- AAHH!" A trick-or-treater shrieked in terror at the sight of the monsters.
Drac closed the door, and turned around to see Werewolf standing behind him.
"We need to have a talk about your ignorance, you dimwitted halfwit!" Dracula exclaimed.
"I got no idea what that means, but it probably ain't good!" Werewolf said, pushing Dracula.
His temper beginning to flare, Dracula pushed Werewolf. Then, Werewolf nearly punched Dracula, but had his fist blocked by Drac's hand. He then smacked Werewolf's hand away. Werewolf was ready to fight, and so was Dracula.
They charged at each other, with Werewolf headbutting Dracula in the chest. Drac flipped over him, but seemingly disappeared into thick black smoke.
"Where are you?!" Asked a puzzled Werewolf.
"I don't know," Dracula's voice echoed. "I could be here, or here, or even... HERE!"
As he said that, he kicked Werewolf in the face. Werewolf grabbed Dracula's leg, and started swinging him around, knocking him into the pillars. Drac
managed to free himself from Werewolf's grasp, and landed on the ground.
"Wait," Dracula thought to himself. "Why are we fighting? We don't need to." Dracula began to speak.
"Wait, we need to stop fighting. We need to STOP!" He said.
"But, but you started it!" Werewolf replied.
"I know, and I'm... I'm sorry."
Werewolf put his fist down. He stared at Dracula, and smiled. Werewolf reached his hand out to Dracula.
"C'mon," he said. Dracula pulled up his hand, and was picked up Werewolf.
They started up the stairs.
"Wanna go scare some kids?" Asked Werewolf.
"I'd like that," said Dracula.
"I'd like that a lot."


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