Dying Rose

We live in a broken world,
undergoing constant corruption unveiled by the few seen as
delusional, deranged beings.
This corruption is fuelled by greed, hate, angst, and finally, despair
fuelled by an ingenious global deception.
This corruption is constant conflict amongst we who want it all,
rapacious until final breath.
We are the bane of our own world. We slither through cracks in the earth,
creating a terrible tumult, ripping countless innocent lives to shreds.
Someday, this earth will snap.
The petals of a dying rose; a delicate, beautiful dying rose,
will be all but rotten, exhausted on the ground.
Eventually, all evidence of this harrowingly corrupted world will be
consumed by the universe.
Undisturbed tranquility.
Our broken world will come to rest just as it started.