Going Westward

"June stop now. I will not take this at all. Your behaviour this week has been atrocious! I am horrified that you would act like this." Mrs Bilbry exclaimed as June headed towards the classroom door. Her dark curly braids bobbed up and down as ran from the classroom and out of the school grounds. "WESTWARD! COME BACK!" Someone shouted as June flew with lightning speed. No-un here is good peoples. Ay all hate me. June thought as she received angry looks and scowling faces that were aimed towards her. Only un is a good people. Kayn, where are you? He a good friend. June confirmed with herself. She was so absorbed in her own conversation with herself that she didn't notice Mr Horman looming up in front of her. June had no idea that she was about to mash right into him until she did. Mr Horman jumped up and brushed off the dirt, his podgy fingers grabbed June's wrist and she yelped. "Let me go! Let me go fat man! Oi! Get your fat fingers off me! Stop! What ya doing?!" June screamed at him as he dragged her screaming back towards that horrid school. No it not a school it a prison. June screamed in her head. Her screams slowly began to turn to sobs. "Please, take me back. I hate here. It is like prison. Ay are terrible peoples to me! Ay will make me do bad things! I will not do it. Stop now! I'm going Westward not stupid Southward. I command you to stop Mr Fat fingers!" June started shouting in Mr Horman's ears. When he looked at her with a frown on his now reddening face June took advantage and twisted her wrist out of his chubby hand and ran to the gate. "So long you worm-face slugs! I'm going Westward!" June announced to everyone as she sauntered out off the school grounds. June Westward was going Westward and no-one could stop her.