Roller skating.My hobby my favourite thing that I’ve been doing since I was 2 years old.I go to practice every week and in the competitions I usually come first.But one day this old man came along and when I was going to get a snack he said “excuse me kind lady could you please help me find my skates”?I knew that whatever he wanted me to do he really wanted me to come.So I went.Well it wasn’t like I was going in any white vans so I was good.We searched for ages.I decided to head back because it was getting late.The the man said “OI you said you’d help” “I did help” I answered. “No I havent found my skates.I ran for the girls toilets to put my skates on and luckily I had a wig and makeup in my bag from the day before when I was dressing up with my friend.Well what about the skates I thought after I had finished putting on the make up and wig?I’ll just say I hired them if he asks.Now for the moment of truth, life and death.I rolled out of the door and he was standing there guarding it.I said to him in the poshest voice I could afford “have you seen that crazy girl in there she says she’s in danger apparently.“Could you just bring her out”?he asked me angrily. “Sorry already tried cheerios.I quickly rolled away to the café which was a different section and called the police.I told them the whole story and why I was dressing up.Turns out that I would have been kidnapped.That day I was lucky.I know not to do that and I got a serious telling off from my mother.But I have to admit I reckon sometimes you just gotta roll with it.