Terrified Killer Clown

On the warm beautiful day I was playing games in my room and eat chips I can smell lots of foods from the ground, after that I open my window because my room really cold and smelly from foods from the grounds then I see haunted house with lots of cobwebs on outside and I could see through the window of haunted house and inside I see the light on inside of haunted house. I went back playing games and turned off my aircon. After playing games for 3 hours I closed my games and my window, I go to down stairs to grab vacuum cleaner to clean my room while I clean my room suddenly I saw clown with red balloon on his hand on the window staring at me. My heart froze. So I keep vacuum and the clown still staring at me, I closed the window slowly and went back to bed watching TV while I’m laying down playing on my phone text some friends to came over to my house so we have some party at my house. I kept thinking if the clown with red balloon still staring at me. I was scared and I saw through the window the balloon and clown was gone. It made my spine chill. Suddenly I heard the whistle sound from the downstairs and heavy foot step around. I Jumped out of bed and locked the door with trembling hands. I called my friend to help. All of a sudden somebody knocked on my door, “knock knock”. I said, “Who are you? Get out of my house!” and silence. Then the knock again. “Knock knock”. I hid under my bed when suddenly the door opened. I saw a shadow on the edge. A sense of pure dread swept over me. And I get from under the bed and somebody push me really hard from behind me I fell on the ground so hard. I was panting. I get up and saw blood on the floor it was from my head I grabbed my phone and put torch on and I saw a terrified killer clown with knife on his hand and I tried to call my friend but it was too late the terrified clown take off to me and clown stabbed me in the stomach and clown drop the knife then my phone was ringing it was my friend then the clown disappeared through the edge of my room. My friend call me again I pick up my phone and answer it I said “I NEED HELP PLEASE, THERE KILLER CLOWN ON MY HOUSE AND CALL THE COPS” my friend hang up and I try to escape from the killer clown but the clown appeared again on the edge of my room I sprinted to run away from the clown but all the door were locked I try another door at back of my house but the back of door were locked and I saw the clown in the kitchen and he grab big kitchen knife. I was panting and still bleeding on my stomach I grab bandage tape to stop bleeding and I see car flashlight it was my friend coming, I called my friend to not come to my house but he not answer it probably he left his phone at his home the clown was in front of the door and my friend press the doorbell and the door were open, my friend come inside of my house and my friend said “hello anyone here?” the clown appeared out of nowhere and I heard my friend scream.my heart beating so fast. I go downstairs to check it there no scream anymore so I walk to downstairs slowly and the clown appeared behind me then stab me in the neck with terrified laugh.