Imagine what life could be like after death? Where would we go? Would we go to heaven? All those things will never really be answered at least until you die. This story is just like any other story just better . So it starts with a little girl with an ordinary life. She had so many questions she didn’t know which one to ask first. How was the sky made? What is the largest number? Who is the smartest person? Where is the safest place? Why do we live? But her biggest question was what happens when you die? I think at least every one thought that at least once in their life. I know I have. So back to the story…. This girl was so curious she went around the streets asking people , the checkout people EVERYONE. This girl was very smart and kind she was also very popular. She had heaps of friends and was very pretty. Her and her friends all wondered the same question. After a few years her and her friends were having a party. All of her friend were being silly until they accidentally set the carpet on fire. It was spreading fast everyone evacuated but wait where’s the girl? She was in the kitchen preparing the cake humming to herself. She decided to put the dog outside for the cake and that’s when it happened .Just as she put the dog out she realised no one was there. The roof fell. At least she saved the dogs life. There was once a girl that was smart there was once a girl that was me.