Who do you want to bring home to your family?
To play with your younger siblings and to be bragged about by your parents.
That one special person; the person that you think about as you read this.
The one person you could talk to for days on end without getting bored,
Or even drive into the sunset with, without so much as a thought of what,
or who you’re leaving behind. Even in a room full of people, you think of them.
They fill your thoughts, your head is flooded with dreams and goals,
involving that one person. The one worth fighting for. Your best friend,
your soulmate, your other half. Who you wish to be walking towards,
on your father’s arm on that very special day. You want them to be by your side,
hand in hand, when you bring new life into this world;
the world you could not imagine without them. You want to grow old with them,
die together. Just hoping to find your way back to each other,
to meet in another lifetime, where your love will be reborn.
Weak yet still there.

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