Road To Recovery

Ever since I started Middle School I've been bullied, as a result of this I've never had real friends; soon I'll explain why.
In my opinion of most people, they're nothing but selfish, cruel and if they get a laugh out of making somebody miserable, what does that say about them?
I forgot to mention that my names Imagen Harvey. I live in a city called Savannah which is located in the state of Georgia and it's in America. I'm in my last year of High School. Also I day dream to escape the real world because, for me, reality's harsh.
I'll tell you why I've never had any friends; I was lying. My best friends name was Alice. It was our third week of middle school; she had moved here at the start of the year. I soon noticed that she was ignoring me and I soon found out why ...
She was with three other girls, who were Grace, Lizzy and Alex short for Alexandra.
Why she started hanging out with them I'll never know, but after this my self-confidence went down, then the bullying started. Grace, Alex and Lizzy were all bullies but now, Alice had become one of them. I felt as though it was all my fault, maybe it was.
But back to the present. It's 8:26am on a Thursday morning, I was on my phone when I heard my mum yell that the bus was here. I sprinted to the kitchen, scooped up my bag and galloped out the door; at least that's how I imagined it.
Once I had stepped onto the bus, I thanked the frustrated bus driver for waiting. There were only spare spots next to others, just my luck. As I walked past them, they were like snipers, silent but had a deadly look.
A girl (her name was Jennifer) asked me to sit next to her. I was surprised with this, so I sat down without thinking rationally; once I had taken a seat everyone started laughing as if I was a clown. I realised I had sat on a pile of gum. Great, a prank and I was just stupid enough to fall for it.
It was finally last period and something that my teacher said made me think; he had said that if we weren't social now how will it be for us in the future.
You know what, that's it. I can't continue this life. As soon as the bell went I grabbed my bag and chucked in it the heaviest rocks I could find on my way to the river.
Once I was at my final destination, I stood on the edge of the bridge. I dreamt of the water consuming me and falling into it, to me it sounded peaceful, no more worries and most importantly no bullies. As I went to step into the gushing water I heard someone say my name calmly and I stepped back.
It was Alice ...