Sad Story

Once upon a time there was a duck that was 3 years old and he had a sister, who was a poodle and was 4 years old. They both shared the same birthday. They had an older sister that was a unicorn; her age was 12 years old. She has a pet bird that she looked after by herself, since it was a baby. The bird is now 8 years old. It was the unicorn’s birthday and she was so excited that she was going to Disneyland. There was a big long slide that they all liked and everyone went down it, and the unicorn was going too fast for the slide and fell off hitting her head. When she fell on the ground she passed out and was taken to hospital. The unicorn got an x-ray, which showed she had a broken leg and and arm. “So that means we can’t go back to Disneyland”, the unicorn said. So instead they went to the pet shop to get some pets. They chose a cat and a dog, but when they went to pay for them, the pet shop owner gave the unicorn the dog for free, as a birthday gift. They just wanted the cat, but the cat and dog were friends and they couldn’t be separated. Both the cat and the dog loved being outside, running around the unicorn’s backyard, where there was heaps of things to play with. Two months later went by and the unicorn was much better, so they all went to Disneyland. When they finished at Disneyland, they went to the car and had discovered that they had left the car keys inside Disneyland Park. So they had to go back in to get the keys. They had told security what had happened and security let them in for free. They searched around the park and found them, so they went back home and lived happily ever after.