Jazmin Vs Jayden

One day a girl called Jazmin was on holiday in Australia and decided she wanted to go for a walk in the forest outside her hotel, but her parents didn't like her going out there by herself because they believed it was haunted by her brother who passed last time they visited. Jazmin didn't believe in that silly stuff she thought it was complete "mumbo jumbo" in her words. So, one late night Jazmin decided to go out into the forest without her parents knowing. She was walking for a while when she heard a noise a rustling type noise, she thought it was just a wallaby, so she kept going not worrying about anything. Then just a few minutes later she heard footsteps behind her and they were getting closer and quicker and louder... She checked her surroundings but saw nothing so kept going deeper into the forest scared she would see a figure or wolf or even a ghost if she turned back. she kept telling herself it was only a wallaby but deep down she knew it wasn't. she stopped listened and heard a quiet soft soothing voice coming from behind her she didn't dare to look so she kept going. She stared walking but heard so sped up then heard the soft quiet voice moving with her, so she kept speeding up until she was at a sprint. Jazmin was the most scared she had ever been in her life but then she thought the voice sounded familiar so she stopped and listened to the voice carefully. She recognised the voice but couldn't figure out who's voice it was. She listened closer and then realised it was the same voice of the sweet little old lady who was at the front desk of the hotel... so with that knowledge she turned around to only find out no one was there. She was confused she thought the lady was right behind her but right at that second she got a tap on her shoulder, so she slowly and cautiously turned around. It wasn't the little old lady but a white cloud looking object that was shaped like a person. "Who are you!?" she yelled.
"Shhh!" responded the cloud figure.
"Ok, but who are you? What's your name? What do you want? Why are you here?"
"That is not important! What is important is that I need to see your parents now!" The figure responded in an urgent manner.
"Why?" Jazmin responded confused.
“Just take me there now! or else." So, Jazmin took the figure to see her parents. By the time they got to the hotel she takes the figure to her parents.
"Hello, Mr and Mrs Biles, I've been meaning to speak with you."
"RUN!" yells Jazmin's parents.
"Why what will it do?"
“It is your brother Jayden and has always wanted to be the only child but when he died in the car crash, he wanted his revenge!" ...