They had stretched far upon an endless sea
At thought it can’t, but for my eyes, it be.
My soul, the one, the only to rely on,
Now takes the one true place, for a Dandelion.

For a child, one knows can’t fight off the gloom
As for the Dandelion on her chest, the lightness of a plume.
Once drowned in the boundaries, Once trapped in her mind.
The tears in a Dandelion, makes the dark of darkness shine.

The seed one thought must fall, flew higher than heaven's gate.
My mind, cleansed in a ball, thought too much to appreciate
All the times shall come and go, but once will reach to the end
But with the Dandelions reaching past my eyes, what time can I comprehend

With my thoughts on the hills I lay, Nor sun Nor moon have passed
Only the fluttering wings of the Dandelion, can only tell whats last
I wake up from a reality, for I am surrounded by tears and crying
But my darkness had somewhat vanished, the true connection of the Dandelion


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