The Fairy And The Queen

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Note 2021' competition

Once there was a little fairy who was called Rose. She had a happy life, but there was a very evil Queen called Keisha who was very bossy. Keisha had lots of servants but she liked to sew socks.
Rose lived in a little cottage. Her next door neighbours were really nice. Today was Rose’s 7th birthday. All of her friends came over and they had a big party, but the Queen was not invited. The Queen was very angry and came over and knocked on the door.
“Why did you not invite me to your party?” The Queen said.
“Because you are always mean,” replied Rose.
The Queen became more and more angry. So, she went home and thought about it. And thought, ‘YES! I will sew her two pairs of socks.’
“Now I am finished, I am going to give the socks to Rose so she will like me.” Said the Queen and off she went.
The Queen went back to the party and gave the socks to Rose.
“I love them, thanks,” said Rose. “Come into the cottage and join the party.”
Then, they all sang Happy Birthday to Rose and shared the birthday cake.


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