Hamsters Take Over

The hamster levels are off the charts. The dam can’t hold them back anymore. One by one, hamsters topple over the wall, plummeting towards the bottom of the dam. The people of the town below open their arms to the adorable newcomers falling from the sky above. The fur balls pile into the citizens arms, but soon the weight of their fuzz becomes too much to bear. They begin to tumble down the streets of the urban town, and its people are swallowed up by the tidal wave of hammy bliss. Their white fur and midnight eyes emit cuteness which the people cannot resist. As everyone sinks into the soft wonder land of Ham, the weight on top of them begins to surge. Until the cuddly grasp sucks the air from their lungs, suffocating anyone and everyone trapped within.
The creatures rampage through towns ripping dogs of their chains, stealing cats from their homes and dragging people off their feet. The scampering toes of adorable hamsters, shock those viewing from a far. But as they come closer it becomes clear to them. The hamsters are a force to be reckoned with.
Town after town, city after city, the hamsters continue to multiply swallowing up everything in an ocean of tumbling mammals. They crawl from every nook and cranny, covering the plains across the globe. All people around the world can now hear the hamsters’ terrifying squeaky squeal. They swim over oceans and survive the death-defying climb of the highest peaks. The hamsters quickly adapt gaining the ability to breath with little to no air and survive at the deepest depths of the ocean. They bubble like fish as they swim in the seas. After just a short period of time, there is nothing left of civilization, except for the crumbling scraps left for the hamsters to munch on. Due to the mass spread of these creatures, the world was becoming overpopulated and couldn’t hold them in. The tricky little hams reproduce on an immense scale, reaching the highest of all heights. The atmosphere ripples as it tears open with a flare of light shining overall. From then on, Earth was no more, the atmosphere protecting the world was destroyed leaving everything vulnerable to the dread of space. Not even the hamsters’ white fur and midnight eyes can combat the sub-zero vacuum of the empty space. Streams of fluff are sucked out of this world, never to be seen again.


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