A Bike Ride

In a strange part of town 4 friends are on a bike ride me jay, Simon, Mia, and hunter. Jay the leader, Simon the strength, Mia the brains, and hunter the stealth (hasn’t spoke in 13 years). these 14yearold’s are riding throw a strange part of town. “Hey” I said “let’s see the old plane in the forest.” “are you kidding?!” said Mia “no way it is too dangerous! 10 kids went missing down there!”. “so?” I said “I want to go” said Simon.

“Hunter?” I said. still silent don’t know why “well. It’s clear were going to see that plain!” “don’t say I didn’t warn you” said Mia as we road down the hill to reach the forest. Hunter had his eye on something suddenly Simon slipped. BOOM CRASH “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried Simon as he all came crashing down. Simon was up agents a tree holding his arm “I think I broke it…” he said “ouch!” I said “told you” said Mia I hate her being right!

As he got him to a laid down tree and raped his arm in a cast (just a leaf). As hunter lit the fire he sat on the log are “are you ok?” I said. “yeah” he said I think he is mad at me. We each got a big leaf for a thing to sleep on. As I woke up hunter was in a tree looking at the moon “I think something is watching us” I looked at him in shock “YOU CAN TALK!?” “well YEAH I am a living thing to!” “okay ok but why weren’t you talking?” “because I’m a silent kid who is good at stuff and I didn’t want to rub it in” “but why?” “why what” “why are you talking to me and not them?” “because I trust you” “cool” I said “I am going back to bed” “ok” “night” I said as I jumped down to bed.

The next day Mia was calling us from a cave “look!” she said there it is. The plane as we rushed in well not Simon because of his arm. we could not get any luckier there was a full tank and it still worked “were saved!” I yell we all got in and started it up suddenly a big best smashed throw the plane BOOM! “Hunter follow me” I said as we each got a gun and started shooting it. “ready aim FIRE!!!!!” I yelled and as quickly as it came it leaved. we quickly got in the tank and road it out back home

PS we got to keep the tank.


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