Kay Burger

Kay Burger

By Lennon Hirata 3R Varsity College
Date of birth:24/10/2012

Two years ago, on the beautiful Gold Coast, I went to the most rated Mac Donald’s. I ordered a huge, tasty chicken burger that cost $11.50 and I took it home.

When I started eating the huge, tasty chicken burger, I heard a loud crying voice close to me. I took a super sharp knife for protection. I heard the huge, tasty chicken burger crying loudly! The burgers name was Kay Burger. He was 20 years old. Kay Burger was very angry and started to attack me fiercely, because I took a huge bite out of him on his right side. I thought that he was very weak, but he was super strong.We both fought very hard for our important life. Two minutes later, one of my teeth came out and it fell down onto the floor. My mouth was bleeding a little. Kay burger was still fighting and he was crying extremely loud. He tried to not close his eyes when he’s crying.

Eventually, we both stopped fighting and we became best friends forever. He wanted a family of burgers, so I paid $46 to buy four more burgers. He was happy that he had a family of burgers. I never attempted to eat Kay Burger again!


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